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Christy had been active all her life and enjoyed various workouts until an injury occurred during a workout that didn’t leave room for modifications.

Uncertain what fitness program to participate in after experiencing her injury she was thrilled to find the BOARD30 workout.” I was so excited to find a fun & challenging workout that is adjustable for a wide range of abilities”.

“lt is the best of all worlds, l’m able to exercise with people of all ages and fitness levels and feel a part of the group”.

Three Words that Best Describe the Workout:

Fun + Fast + Effective



Michelle has been teaching fitness since she was a teenager at 15 and is a certified yoga, barre and Master Pilates Trainer.

“I really liked the unique use of resistance bands from different directions which allows the body to experience true cross training.”

When she’s not exercising, you’ll find her spending time with family, usually around water with kayaking, snorkeling or surfing.

Three Words that Best Describe the Workout:

Challenging + Fun + Cutting Edge



Shawn’s experience and expertise speaks for itself once you realize he’s spent years practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga and relaxing Yin Yoga.

Shawn is a professional dance teacher, choreographer and fitness instructor that teaches for Cirque du Soleil, UNLV and The Rock Center for Dance.

“I grew up along the coastal areas of San Diego and was first exposed to the benefits of yoga, fitness and dance while in high school. Now, I use everything I’ve learned to help others feel passionate about the many benefits of fitness both physically and mentally.”

Three Words that Best Describe the Workout:

Balancing + Unique + Invigorating

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Being in cheerleading and dance teams while growing up, Rochelle always loved being active and healthy. When she started traveling for work her workouts became harder to fit in. A recent health issue caused her to fully dive into health, wellness and fitness. I was searching for the perfect fitness routine. Gyms and large classes are not my thing. So my sister brought me to Board 30 LV....and I became addicted instantly. It's a perfect fit, a 30 minute full body workout in a small fun group setting. I love it so much that I had to become an instructor and share my passion and transformation with others in Las Vegas.I hope to inspire anyone that wants to start their journey to wellness. This workout is for everyone. At all fitness levels. You will get stronger with each workout. Three words that best describe the Workout:

Exhilarating + Invigorating + Inspiring



As a lifelong dancer, Katy first noticed that the BOARD30 class was nicely able to integrate multiple methods of fitness while at the same time, being a phenomenal workout for all levels and ages.

Prior to joining BOARD30 Las Vegas , Katy enjoyed being a fitness instructor for over 10 years. Katy has also been recently certified in Pilates.

When she’s not in class, you can usually find Katy dancing, focusing on fitness or rock climbing.

Three Words that Best Describe the Workout:

Exhilarating + Empowering + Fun


Amy is certified in several different fitness formats and enjoys an athletic lifestyle which includes playing sports like basketball and softball as well as hiking and swimming. Her interest is helping people consistently improve themselves over the long term, which has resulted in others gaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a mother of two daughters and has one grandson that she absolutely adores and loves spending time with. Amy’s passion is to continue to support others in living their best life. Let’s get better together!

Board 30 is the Trifecta of Workouts!

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What started out as showing up to her first Board 30 class to support a friend turned into a game changer for Erin. So inspired by her personal results, Erin knew she had to share the Board 30 experience with others. “I have never found any other workout that is so effective. After only a few weeks I found my strength and balance had vastly improved and the 30 minute format makes it so easy to commit to.” Outside of the studio, Erin can be found sharing a message of wellness in the community and enjoying time with her husband, J and their fur babies, Rocco and Geno.

Three Words that Best Describe the Workout:

Unique + Customizable + FUN!

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Monica has been a fitness professional for almost 20 years and when she started taking classes at Board30 she was hooked. The difference she saw in her flexibility and balance after a few visits made her realize she needed this in her workout regimen.
As a fitness instructor and a martial arts teacher she is able to cross train and use different elements from each activity with her students to help them become more well rounded in their workouts as well.

Monica is passionate about being healthy & helping others be their best selves (inside & out).

3 words that best describe the workout: Unique, Fun & Effective