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Health and Safety Procedures

Board30 Las Vegas Reopening Policy and Procedure Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the renewed focus on the health and public safety of fitness professionals and their clients, the following Reopening Policies and Procedures will be implemented to make everyone more comfortable when our fitness studio reopens.

Board30 Las Vegas, a boutique fitness studio in Las Vegas, located at 6070 S. Rainbow, is ideally suited to reopen, when deemed appropriate, as a socially distanced group class.   Our studio is 1600 square feet, allowing for easy social distancing.

The Board30 system is different than other fitness classes or gyms. Our clients always stay in one spot the entire class, on their own Bodyboard, and each Board is ideally positioned away from the other.

When we do reopen, we will implement new policies and protocols to keep our clients and our instructors, safe and socially distanced.

Prior to reopening the studio will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Our class size will be reduced from to 7 people, which will allow for 6 feet of space between each client.

We will rework our schedule, allowing for at least 30 minutes in between each class, which will give us time to clean the Studio and also minimize client interaction.

We will check our clients in so that they do not have to touch the iPad used for check in.

We will limit the number of classes per day.

We will limit the number of instructors conducting classes.

We will require that any client who has a fever or is feeling ill in any way not attend a class at the Studio.

We reserve the right to ask a client to leave if we feel that they are ill.

We will require our clients to arrive 10-15 minutes early, we will ask them to stay in their car or at a minimum of six feet from another client and come into the studio one at a time.

We will require our clients to remove their shoes outside of the Studio and use hand sanitizer before entering the Studio (we have an ample supply of hand sanitizer).

We will have disinfectant in spray bottles at each Bodyboard station with a clean towel for our clients to use.

We will require our clients to minimize their time in the Studio, not come to the back of the Studio to socialize.  Come in to the class, take the class and leave the Studio.

We will clean the Studio before and after each class, and also require our clients to thoroughly clean their own Board (we are using a Shaklee product, Basic G germicide, an EPA approved product).

We will ask clients to bring their own water container with them and take it when they leave.

We will not allow clients to go to the back of the Studio to fill their water bottle.

Our doors will be open for adequate air circulation as temperature permits.

We will ask our instructors to remind our clients of our new policy and protocol regularly.  And for them to follow as well.

On-Going Safety:

Disinfection Reminders:

~ Disinfectants must be EPA-registered and labeled as bacterial, virucidal and fungicidal.  No product is yet labeled for approved use for COVID-19 but many will have virus efficacy either on their label or available on their websites.

~ Disinfection only works on a clean item, so cleaning before disinfecting is always the first step.  Methods to clean include soap/water, chemical cleaners, wipes.

~ Contact time on the label must be observed for the disinfectant to work.  The contact time refers to how long the surface must stay visibly wet with the disinfectant to inactivate or destroy all of the pathogen on the label.  Typical contact time for immersion/sprays is 10 minutes, for wipes 2-4 minutes.

~Disinfection is for hard, non-porous surfaces.  Porous/soft surfaces cannot be disinfected but cleaned.


~All towels will be laundered after each use, dried until “hot to the touch”.

Hand Hygiene:

~Wash hands with soap/water for 30 seconds before/after eating, using the restroom, and on a regular basis.