Resisted Exercise

Importance of Resistance Workouts:

We all know resistance training is good for us, and there are so many reasons to add it to your exercise routine. Well-rounded exercises are comprised of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Resistance workouts, specifically ones utilizing resistance bands, can be a great way to check all three boxes of a workout.

In addition, resistance workouts are credited with being more low impact than a lot of other workouts, and they can provide an effective alternative to weightlifting or running.

Resistance training is known for a long list of benefits to the human body, such as: improved muscle strength and tone, weight loss, greater stamina, and improved balance, mobility, and posture.  They are safe and they closely mirror natural body movements. Laying on a bench to lift weights above your head is an unnatural way to build muscle, resistance bands are a form of functional fitness.

There are four proven benefits of resistance band exercises:

  1. Toning and strengthening– Resistance training allows you to increase and decrease the difficulty of the workout by applying more pressure. The user can add more resistance, do the same movements, and gain more strength from the added resistance.
  2. Practicing to make other exercises easier– For example, adding resistance bands to pull ups makes pull ups without the bands easier by comparison. Resistance bands can be added to many other exercises!
  3. Get more out of stretching by enhancing every movement– Stretching is an important element of a complete workout routine and stretching, or yoga routines, can be more effective when coupled with resistance bands.
  4. Resistance bands are for everyone– They can be adapted to all fitness levels, from a beginner to a seasoned pro. If you are looking for the most out of your resistance band workout, regardless of your fitness level, then Board30 is the right place. Sign up for your first class today.