Board 30

Full On. Full Body.




Designed for all levels of fitness, is BOARD30 is a high intensity, full body training experience. Simple in its set-up and design, the BOARD30 system is an efficient, effective and convenient low-impact workout that uses resistance bands to target muscle groups – big and small. The result is full body integrity. Come experience this beneficial and transformational half hour.


Our Story

Eight pounds gone in ten days. That’s what happened when founder, Floery Mahoney, trained for 30 targeted minutes every day, instead of her usual 90-minute session. The trick, she learned, is to work out in the right way, maximizing the first thirty minutes – before your body goes into stress mode. Formally trained in Pilates, Floery began tying resistance bands to her furniture to create an efficient, high intensity, resistance band workout.

Floery discovered that she was able to target her entire body during this time frame and began to see remarkable results. After three months of experimentation, she designed and launched the BOARD30 program. Four and a half years later, BOARD30 is being taught in gyms and studios all over the world, helping others feel the same way that she does – fitter, stronger and healthier than ever.


"Solid full-body workout. I tried the board/resistance bands workout for the first time today. Really good instructor and cool class. Very nice people"
– Clay

"This place is amazing, great trainers. This type of work out, works your whole body within 30 min. classes, the results are amazing." – Joann

"Amazing, unique workout! Supportive environment with knowledgeable instructors. Great for any level of fitness beginner to advanced!"

– Katy


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